Friday, May 25, 2012

Annual birthday trip to Build-A-Bear

Tonight was our annual trip for the birthday Build-A-Bear. This is Marley's 8th year, and Mason's 2nd year. I think the adults that go have as much fun as the kids; I know I do!

When we walked into the store, Mason spotted an Iron Man outfit. He is really into Super Heroes right now, and that was it. He knew what he wanted. He chose a black teddy bear to go into the Iron Man outfit.

Marley, on the other hand, took longer to chose her stuffed animal. That's half the fun, looking at everything and trying to decide. She finally chose a pony.

The next step in building your bear is to get it stuffed. Mason, again this year, was a little leery of this.

Marley, on the other hand, is a pro.

Then you put a heart in him.

And then you can add a sound. They have all kinds of animal sounds, Happy Birthday, etc., or you can record your own. Marley chose the horse sound, but Mason wanted his bear to say, "I'm Spiderman." So...Mark recorded it, but the first couple of times Mason said it was too scary. Mark finally got it right, LOL!

The next step is to brush your animal and fluff him up. Mason really liked this part. In fact, he kept going back to do it some more!

Then it was time to pick out clothes and dress them. This is one of my favorite parts. They have so many cute outfits. Marley dressed her pony in a Western outfit, checked shirt and denim skirt, cowboy hat and saddle! Mason had the Iron Man suit (with a light saber which was supposed to go with a Star Wars outfit, but when you are almost 3 anything that you like goes!).

Mason was so proud of his bear showing Baba.

Marley's pony is adorable!

Then it was time to name them and fill out the birth certificate.

Ahh....another successful birthday trip to Build-A-Bear. This is so much fun; I almost wish I could come up with an excuse to do it more often!


Linda L said...

Deb, you didn't tell us what they're names are. I was really getting into this with each new picture. I just HAVE TO know they're names now. lol

Debbie said...

Well, Mason's bear is Iron Man, and Marley's pony was, I think, a made up name, something like Alea, LOL!!